Welcome¬†to Aussie Alliance…

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We’re not the only clan called Aussie Alliance… there is a few of them. But we think that we are the best one. To find us, simply enter the hash tag #PCPVQUVJ into the clan search field.

Aussie Alliance Clan Rules

  • Over 18, mature members only (no whinging kids).
  • We war back-to-back (but you can opt out).
  • Active members only: inactive members may be booted.
  • Lvl 100+ for new members (some exceptions may be made).
  • New members are on a 2 week trial.
  • Donate only what is requested (type & level).
  • Donate as much as you can.
  • Go to the ‘War Room‘ to see the War Rules.

As Aussie Alliance has back-to-back wars, you will need to ensure that your war base is a good war design. There are plenty of good base designs on this website to help in setting one up. Please ensure that you have visited the War Room, so that you are familiar with our war strategy for your 1st and 2nd attacks.

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